Mudeford Beach Huts, July, Photo credit:Philralph

Action Ideas Edit

  • Traffic surveys
  • Clean up days
  • Let's clean our city - a project being developed in the Open Project Development wiki
  • A green “Britain in Bloom” competition. While public interest in climate change issues has soared in recent years, people’s behaviour has not become substantially greener. Lewis Dean, a PHD student from the University of St Andrews, has proposed a new Greener British Future competition along the lines of “Britain in Bloom” in which communities would compete on their ‘greenness’. This idea was awarded fourth place in The Britain’s got Brains competition (2008) [1]

Why it matters

Community groups may be concerned about litter, pollution, traffic pollution, air quality, noise or light pollution, river quality, state of beaches, etc.

Apps4s2 Apps for sustainability Edit

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  • Fixmytweet an extension of fixmystreet using twitter

Survey Edit

Consultations Edit

Related Edit

Img13714 SCA

  • Keep Britain Tidy W

Greensmiley2 Social media

UK links

Environment quality - Img13714 Portal - news / UK - news - resources


  1. ippr, Ocotber 8 2008

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