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The consultation was launched on January 23 2006.
Closing date for comment is 14 April 2006
The Review aims to bring forward proposals on energy policy by the summer.

Key questions posed by the consultation document Edit

  • What more could the Government do on the demand or supply side for energy to ensure that the UK's long-term goal of reducing carbon emissions is met?
  • With the UK becoming a net energy importer and with big investments to be made over the next twenty years in generating capacity and networks, what further steps, if any, should the Government take to develop our market framework for delivering reliable energy supplies? In particular, we invite views on the implications of increased dependence on gas imports.
  • The Energy White Paper left open the option of nuclear new build. Are there particular considerations that should apply to nuclear as the Government reexamines the issues bearing on new build, including long-term liabilities and waste management? If so, what are these, and how should the Government address them?
  • Are there particular considerations that should apply to carbon abatement and other low-carbon technologies?
  • What further steps should be taken towards meeting the Government's goals for ensuring that every home is adequately and affordably heated?

Comments are also invited on:

  • The long-term potential of energy efficiency measures in the transport, residential, business and public sectors, and how best to achieve that potential.
  • Implications in the medium and long term for the transmission and distribution networks of significant new build in gas and electricity generation infrastructure.
  • Opportunities for more joint working with other countries on our energy policy goals.
  • Potential measures to help bring forward technologies to replace fossil fuels in transport and heat generation in the medium and long term.

Consultation document Edit

The consultation document is at

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