Elm Tree Mews is part of New Earswick village, a ‘model village’ to the north of York, developed by Joseph Rowntree in 1904. It has grown from around 30 properties to over 1,000 and includes a mixture of tenures. There are also two schools – a primary and a secondary school – in the village.

Energy efficiency Edit

The Elm Tree Mews project, opened May 23 2008 [1] comprises six homes which benefit from a communal heating system, using boreholes and a pump to absorb heat from the ground, solar panels, water-saving showers, taps and toilets, and highly efficient insulation.

Energy-efficient living Edit

To help the project realise its potential as a blueprint for energy-efficient living, the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust and academic researchers will work with the new residents to test out the amount of energy the properties use. Small, unobtrusive automatic sensors will monitor heating, water, electricity and temperature for 12 months

Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust Edit

The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust is a registered social landlord. It is part of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and its Trustees and staff are the same. It owns the freehold of nearly all the properties in New Earswick, acts as landlord for the rented property and supports the community and education activities in the village. The JRHT also runs housing and care schemes in York and Yorkshire. These are of a developmental nature, demonstrating new forms of tenure, meeting special needs and exploring new features of design.

References Edit

  1. Joseph Rowntree Foundation, May 23

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