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November 2010

Electric car for rent
Mayor’s electric vehicle charging network, Source London, to go live spring 2011. 6 November [1]

February 2010

Electric car for rent
London secures £17 million funding for UK’s largest electric vehicle charge point network, 25 February [2] This will deliver a network of around 7,500 charging points by spring 2013 with 1,600 charge points to be installed over the next twelve months. At present there are over 250 charging points in London.

December 2009

  • All Londoners to be within one mile of an electric charge point by 2015, 15-12 [3]

April 2009

  • Mayor calls on Government to support electric car revolution in the capital, April 8 [4]

March 2009

  • Mayor of London calls for a revolution in the use of electric cars, March 10 [5] The Mayor has already committed to funding around 100 further electric vehicle charging points by 2012 through Local Implementation Plan settlements. Transport for London will be funding the installation of 75 additional charging points through the 2009/10 LIPs settlement. topic

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