• Jamie Oliver's school dinners shown to have improved academic results, 29 March [1] topic


  • Schools to go greener - Scotland's schools are to become greener under a new Government initiative to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. January 5 [2] Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop has announced a package of measures which will work towards a lower carbon school estate and meet the Government's commitments to have renewable generation in every school.


  • Carbon emissions from state schools to be included in carbon trading scheme for local authorities from April 2010, July 16 [3] topic


  • Food for Life Partnership reverses the decline in uptake of school meals, Ocotber 3 [4]



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  1., 29 March 2010
  2. The Scottish Government, January 5
  3. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, July 16
  4. Soil Association, Press release 10/03/2007

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