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Diary New York City Edit

September 2008

  • 28 Ecofest, Lincoln Center

Leading Participant in 11 Days of Global Unity

ECOFEST is turning 20 in 2008! Launched as an environmental event where people would get information, get involved, find products, learn about services and be entertained by people who care about the environment. As many as 15,000 people attend ECOFEST each year.

A major focus of ECOFEST is conservation of our natural resources and innovative alternative-energy technologies. This year’s ECOFEST will again feature the SEOTO (Sources of Energy Other Than Oil) Alternative Fuels Display.

In addition to the SEOTO Display, ECOFEST regular features include the World Solar Stage with performers such as Blacksmith, Traci Mann Tap Dance Company and the ECOFASHION SHOW presenting collections made of 100% organic and recycled material. The ECOFEST ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE offers free seminars where key environmental issues are discussed with renowned experts.

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