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Eco town comment 2008 Edit

  • Eco towns: right idea, wrong place, CPRE, April 3 [1]

CPRE's 10 tests Edit

The Campaign to Protect Rural England’s 10 tests for Eco towns:

  • the public and affected communities should be fully consulted on schemes, including the principle of whether or not to have an eco-town in their area;
  • decisions on eco-towns should be accompanied by evidence that demonstrates a new settlement to be the most sustainable option for accommodating housing growth compared with other options, such as redeveloping an existing urban brownfield site or an urban extension;
  • schemes should demonstrate efficient use of land, with densities capable of supporting public transport and a high priority given to recycling brownfield land and buildings;
  • they should be genuinely carbon neutral, taking into account potential emissions from transport (domestic, public and commercial) and buildings (in construction and use);
  • they should foster a strong sense of place and community, achieve CABE gold Building for Life Standards, with high quality public spaces, architecture and street layouts that give priority to pedestrians and non-motorised transport, including substantial car free areas;
  • they should be subject to an independent landscape character appraisal, be sympathetic to their setting and clearly enhance the local landscape, built and natural heritage, including through the designation of new Green Belt where appropriate;
  • they should include measures designed to conserve water and other natural resources, minimise soil, air, noise and light pollution and achieve zero-waste;
  • they should be complete communities with homes (with at least 50% affordable), schools, workplaces, shops, recreation, community and health facilities and open space within walking distance and foster active, sustainable lifestyles and civic participation;
  • they should be well connected to surroundings with high quality public transport providing good access to nearby settlements and local supply networks, with sourcing of local produce, such as food, fuel and replenishible building materials.

References Edit

  1. Campaign to Protect Rural England, April 3

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