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  • Eco-quarter proposed for Thames Gateway, November 26 [1] According to Communities and Local Government, the eco-quarter in an existing urban area,"... will be a combination of existing buildings and new development that develops and tests new green technology and provides a showcase for sustainable development and new initiatives. The eco-quarter will demonstrate the economic and practical benefits of sustainable design and technology. It will establish green standards which build on the Government's Eco towns programme, and provide a global example of what can be done in existing developed areas."
  • Bard successfully secures eco town judicial review, September 11 [3] place. Campaign group BARD launched an application for Judicial Review in June. The group is campaigning against the proposed 'Middle Quinton' eco-town in Warwickshire. Mr Justice Collins who granted permission for the review said yesterday ‘I have no doubt that this claim is arguable and so permission should be granted’ and that “I note there must be concern that the defendant [Secretary of State, Communities & Local Government] may have disqualified herself from considering any planning application for an eco-town because of perceived bias in its favour.
  • Higher standards for Eco towns, July 24 [4] Shortlisted locations now 13. "Today's progress report also clarifies how the planning process for eco-towns will work, making it clear that in each case a planning application will have to be submitted and that it will be for the local authority to consider that application. The eco-towns standards will also insist that proposed developments must comply with existing planning policy.
Following changes made to the shortlisted schemes announced in April, including two new proposals for an eco-town in Rushcliffe and major changes made to the proposal at Rossington, a formal consultation on both these draft standards and a detailed sustainability appraisal of each location will now be published in September. A final decision on up to ten potential locations will be made in early 2009, after which the individual schemes will each have to submit planning applications."
The promoters for two locations originally shortlisted in April have subsequently pulled out: Manby in Lincolnshire and Curborough in Staffordshire. In addition, the New Marston proposal in Bedfordshire has also been withdrawn, but the rival Marston Vale proposal remains on the shortlist.
The consultation on the principle of an eco-town in each of the proposed locations closed in June. A second consultation will follow on the draft Sustainability Appraisal and Planning Policy Statement (which will include a proposed set of standards) when they are published in September, alongside a programme of roadshows.
  • 15 locations shortlisted for next stage of eco towns programme, April 3 [5]

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