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New community of Cranbrook, East Devon to go ahead, with work on the first homes beginning in 2011. / 1 November [1] place

Eden Project
"Further progress by "second wave" of eco towns", 9 March [2]


  • Eco-towns - four sites to go through to the next planning phase, full public consultation and local planning approval, July 16 [4] They are Whitehill-Bordon in Hampshire, St Austell (China Clay) in Cornwall, Rackheath in Norfolk and North West Bicester in Oxfordshire.
  • Eco towns public consultation deadline extended, to Thursday 30 April, February 26 [5] There are currently eleven locations on the eco-towns shortlist: - Rackheath, Greater Norwich; Middle Quinton, Warwickshire; Rushcliffe, Nottinghamshire; Ford, West Sussex; Bordon-Whitehill, Hampshire; St Austell (China Clay Community), Cornwall; Rossington, South Yorkshire; North East Elsenham, Essex; Pennbury, Leicestershire; Weston Otmoor, Oxfordshire; - North West Bicester (Cherwell) - an alternative to Weston Otmoor. The developers promoting Marston Vale in Bedfordshire withdrew from the eco-towns process earlier in February.
  • Campaigners lose eco towns appeal, January 27 [6] Campaigners have lost a High Court challenge to the government's plans to build as many as 10 "eco-towns".

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