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Random facts Edit

  • England has the most Eco-Schools in the world. Over 13,000 schools are involved with the programme. February 2010 [1]

News UK February 2009 Edit

  • Over half of schools in England have achieved Eco School status, February 9 [2]

According to a recent (UK) survey, schools are spending:

  • £100 MILLION on electricity
  • £106 MILLION on H2O
  • £39 MILLION on clearing up litter and vandalism
  • £56 MILLION on emptying bin and,
  • £158 MILLION on paper and stationery - each year!
  • Eco-Schools was founded following the Rio Earth Summit of 1992. Run by ENCAMS in England (the organisers of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign) it is now the world’s largest environmental programme for children.
  • The Department of Transport reckons that car traffic is 25% heavier during the school run - when kids are being ferried to and from school.
  • Children who make a massive improvement to the environment are presented with Eco-Schools awards - at Bronze, Silver and Green Flag level. Over 500 schools in England have won the ultimate accolade.
  • For every £3 spent on heating a school, £1 is lost through bad insulation.
  • If schools turned their thermostat down one degree, they’d save 10% on their heating bills.
  • According to a recent Keep Britain Tidy survey, teenagers are most to blame for our litter shame.
  • The same report claims older children attach no guilt to littering.
  • Eco-Schools literature and website gives support on reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact.

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  1. Defra, 11 February 2010
  2. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, February 9

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