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EU greenhouse gas emissions increase for second year in a row Edit

Emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases (GHG) from the EU-25 increased by 18 million tonnes (0.4 %) between 2003 and 2004. "The 0.4 % increase is comparable to the amount of CO2 emissions released by 3 million people if they were to drive their cars around the earth," - Professor Jacqueline McGlade, executive director of the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Spain sees largest increase in GHG emissions Edit

Spain and Italy saw the largest emission increases in absolute terms with plus 19.7 (4.8 %) and 5.1 (0.9 %) million tonnes respectively. On the positive side, 2004 saw emissions reductions from Germany (- 9.1 million tonnes, - 0.9 %), Denmark (- 6 million tonnes, -8.1 %) and Finland (- 4.2 million tonnes, - 4.9 %).

Spain increased it's output of CO2 most dramatically in 2004 as energy production switched to fossil fuels to make up for a shortfall in hydro power caused by drought. This increase in CO2 drove the overall increase in GHG emissions in Spain in 2004.

Industry and Transport drive Europe's increase Edit

Emissions of CO2, the most problematic GHG, were 4.4% above 1990 levels for the EU-15. Compared to 2003, CO2 emissions increased by 0.6 %. Road transport was the biggest contributor to this trend with an increase of 12 million tonnes of CO2 (1.5%). However, manufacturing of iron and steel also increased their CO2 outputs with 8 million tonnes (5.4%).

Greenhouse gas emissions from households and the services sector decreased by 9 million tonnes (-1.4%).

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