Drought Lake Lanier - compare

Water White Paper published. Government acknowledges that water reform needed to tackle threat of future droughts, 8 December [1] topic

South East England now at a high risk of drought due to continued low rainfall and central, eastern and south eastern England unlikely to see a full recovery from drought conditions during 2012, 1 December [2]


  • Natural England challenges water companies’ failure to address water consumption and extraction levels, October 24[3]



  • Coalition representing more than six million people urges radical action for water. The Wildlife Trusts, November 28
  • Consultation on water metering in areas of serious water stress to take place early next year. Defra, November 20
  • Lords describe Government's estimates of growth in water demand from housebuilding plans as "wholly unconvincing", June 6
  • Water meeting supports Environment Agency's assessment that drought prospects are worse than for 30 years in the South East, June 1
  • Southern Water and Mid Kent Water drought orders granted. Defra, May 25
  • This summer the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) are to jointly announce proposals to make new and existing buildings more water efficient by requiring the use of dual flush toilets, spray taps and efficient washing machines when they are constructed or refurbished. DCLG, May 17
  • First 'non-essential' drought order granted to Sutton and East Surrey Water. Defra, May 15
  • Minister urges action on wasted water, March 8
  • Compulsory water metering in Folkestone and Dover, March 1
  • Water problems might scupper East of England Housing Plans, Friends of the Earth, February 16

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  2., 1 December 2011
  3. Natural England, October 24

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