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Getting started Edit

If you're new you might want to start here.

Help editing Edit

These are some introductory comments about editing

Editing help from every edit page Edit

There's a link to the full Editing help article on each edit page for each article. If you have a tabbed browser, such as Firefox, you can have the Editing help article open on one tab, whilst keeping the edit article page open on another, (and so easily and conveniently switch from one to the other when you want to take a quick look at how to do a specific kind of edit).

'Sandbox' for play and trying things out Edit

If you'd like to dip your toes in before creating an actual page, or editing an existing one, the Sandbox page is specifically set up to let you play around with wiki editing and formatting. The term "sandbox" is an Americanism for "sandpit", and is the traditional name for free testing areas in wiki projects. Learn more about the Sandbox via the central Wikia help page about them.

Finding out more about editing Edit

SCA wiki's full Editing help article itself only gives limited information, hopefully enough for relatively new wiki users without overwhelming people. As and when people want to learn more there are other sources which go into more detail such as

For the most comprehensive Help information on all aspects of exploring and editing wikicities pages, see the central Wikia Help section.

Contributing Edit

There are many and varied ways in which you can help develop and improve our (and hopefully also your) Sustainable Community Action wiki. You can get an idea of some of these via the left hand column of our Community Portal page.

In the future we may develop a separate introductory article about ways of contributing, but in the meantime if you have any questions about this you're welcome to include them on the Community Portal's talk page

Browsing SCA wiki Edit

With several hundred pages or articles in the Sustainable Community Action wiki it helps to know how to get around easily.

There are a variety of ways into the wiki, and ways to get around and explore further. Read this article: Draft Help:Getting around for a summary and overview.

About SCA wiki Edit

Sustainable Community Action is a wiki to develop information on all aspects of local sustainability, particularly community run action for sustainability. Read more about Sustainable Community Action. There's a link to this 'About SCA' article at the end of most wiki pages. So wherever you are in the wiki, you're likely to be able to refer to it easily.

Sustainable Community Action is run as a community project, and strives towards consensus as the primary means for organising the wiki. See also wikicities:Terms of use

Guidelines and policies Edit

Within Sustainable Community Action we try to have a light touch and not too many formal policies. Existing guideline and policy pages include: Boundaries, Behavioural guidelines, Values, Guidelines for including Projects, External links policy

The SCA community Edit

As well as being an information store, Sustainable Community Action is also a community. One of the main start points for this is of course the Community Portal. (There is also a category:Community). The Village Green is a sort of meeting place to discuss the ongoing development of the wiki and the Village pump a place for discussing details of such development.

Communications Edit

  • The Community Portal's talk page can be used to ask questions, ask for help, and for announcements.
  • You can communicate with individual users via their talk pages (although some users may have a main talk page elsewhere in the wider wikicities community, see also next but one point below)
  • There's a Contact Us page
  • You can communicate with the wider wikicites community via the central wikicity (link via left hand column). This wider community provides help not only with combatting spam and vandalism, but also in a host of positive ways, including of course the central Wikia Help pages.

More help Edit

(to be cat help once out of draft phase)

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