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How to use the DirectoryEdit

You can make a page for any organisation and include it here, but bear in mind that we're after information rather than promotion (which can be a fine line). You can, for instance, add a commercial organisation, but that page should tell us to what it does and how to find out more if we want to, not attempt to sell us its products or services.

To make a page show up here, instead of putting {{nottingham}} at the top put {{nottinghamdir}}. (That takes care of the top bar and the categories for you.)

Naming pagesEdit

Bear in mind that this is part of the wider SCA wiki, so pages might include national organisations or those in other localities. If there might be confusion between your organisation name and a similar one elsewhere, please do your best to avoid it. For instance if Nottingham Friends of the Earth wanted to start a page about the local group they shouldn't title it "Friends of the Earth".

If the name of the organisation starts with "Nottingham" or "Nottinghamshire" it's probably best to move that to the end to make things easier to find in the index, e.g. "Pelican Fanciers, Nottingham", rather than everything piling up in the Ns.

You can create a redirect page with the other version, e.g. "Nottingham Pelican Fanciers", so people can use the less clumsy form in links (linking to one takes you straight to the other). Or create the page that (more intuitive) way first then use the move function at the top of the page to change it to the new name, which automatically creates a redirect.

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