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Devon is a large county in South West England, bordered by Cornwall to the west, and Dorset and Somerset to the east. It is unique among English counties, in that it has two separated coastlines, on the English Channel and Bristol Channel branches of the Atlantic.

Devon is the third largest of the English counties, and has a population of 1,109,900. The county town is the cathedral city of Exeter, and the county contains two independent unitary authorities, the port city of Plymouth and the Torbay conurbation of seaside resorts, in addition to Devon County Council itself. Much of the county is rural or National Park land (365 square miles, or 945 km, are occupied by Dartmoor), and it has consequently, by British standards, a low population density.

The Dorset and East Devon Coast, known as the Jurassic Coast for its geology and geographical features, is the only natural UNESCO World Heritage Site in England. Geologically, Devon, along with its neighbour Cornwall, is known as the "Cornubian massif". This geology gives rise to the landscapes of Dartmoor and Exmoor, both National Parks. Devon has seaside resorts and historic towns and cities, plus a mild climate, accounting for the large tourist sector of its economy.

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Vixen Tor Devon County Council launches Devonomics website to support Local Economic Assessment and seeks views from from businesses, the public sector and the general public, 13/09/2010 [1] topic, place



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  1., 13/09/2010

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