• "I am 80 now. It's not that I think, like any old man, that change is wrong. I recognise that the world has always changed, I know that. But the point is, it's changing more extremely and swiftly than at anytime in the past several million years and one of the things I don't want to do is look at my grandchildren and hear them say. "Grandfather, you knew it was happening and did nothing." / Climate change

  • "The last time the UK’s wildlife faced a challenge on this scale was at the end of the last ice age. We need to find ways to help our wildlife become more resilient to the trials it faces in the 21st century. We must now work on a landscape scale if we are to give wildlife a chance and allow future generations to enjoy nature as we have." / Biodiversity UK

  • "If we (humans) disappeared overnight, the world would probably be better off." David Attenborough, The Daily Telegraph, London, 12 November 2005.
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