This page began as a sort of index of UK consultations which might seem relevant to sustainable community action. Further pages may be developed for other areas. The information here may be shared with relevant Diary and topic pages. Listings may include announcements of forthcoming consultations and similar dialogues.

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Date at start of each item is closing date

  • 2007-09-11 Proposals to improve access to the English coast. Defra topic
  • 2007-08-03 Administration of Additional Paternity Leave and Pay. DTI topic, comment
  • 2007-06-27 Changes to Permitted Development: Consultation Paper 1 - Permitted Development Rights for Householder Microgeneration Consultation Paper, [10] topic
  • 2007-06-15 Proposed changes to powers to restrict non-essential uses of water. Defra [11] topic
  • 2007-05-18 Opportunities and challenges for rural councillors and what stands in the way of them doing more to help rural people have greater influence over local decisions. Commission for Rural Communities topic, topic
  • Earlier consultations - some further information via the history of this page.

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