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"Most people participate in their communities not as part of organised groups, but in doing acts of kindness" Professor Carolyn Kagan, Professor of Community Social Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. / Inspiring Quotes 13

Community resources matter for community empowerment. Although Community & voluntary action has a proud tradition of innovation and doing a lot with a little, it's much harder to do something with nothing. It may be that a community's greatest resource is its people, but community action can perhaps best flourish if backed up with at least some 'real' resources. In partnerships it's been observed that community and voluntary groups can, unfortunately, sometimes get ignored because they are perceived as not bringing any (what other partners percieve as 'real') resources to the table.

  • What resources are there in your local community for community groups?
  • Are there places for groups to meet (affordably)?
  • Is there access to Information Technology and enough support to use it?
  • How easy is it for new groups to form and sustain themselves?
  • Are there ways for local community groups to network and support themselves and each other?
  • Is there access to support for networks (looser groups, coalitions, etc.) and not just older more traditional forms of organisation?

Action Ideas Edit

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  • Local sustainabiity picture libraries (online); share your pictures in this wiki (you need to be logged in to upload files - see Community Portal)
  • Sustainability centres
  • Sustainability advice service
  • Skill share
  • Community shops and cafes
  • Internet cafes
  • Equipment sharing
  • Shared office space
  • Community websites
  • Young people involved as community centre inspectors, [1]
  • local sustainability libraries or resource centres, including making use of online networks to share books and other resources


  • open sourcing council software - "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ask the Communities Secretary to require that all software produced by councils under the Timely Information to Citizens project be released under an open source licence." No 10 petition site Deadline to sign up by: 07 May 2009 / Diary UK

Resources UK Edit

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Village cinema UK Edit

Teen talent takes over 10 Downing Street with somewhereto01:37

Teen talent takes over 10 Downing Street with

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CAT Case Study: Battersea Arts Centre 1. 03 February 2009
CAT Case Study Battersea Arts Centre 102:14

CAT Case Study Battersea Arts Centre 1

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  1. URBACT, May 2007

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