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Community rail development in the UK Edit

Following a consultation process, which included local authorities, Community Rail Partnerships, Railway Development Companies, and rail user groups throughout the UK, the Strategic Rail Authority's Community Rail Development Strategy was published in November 2004 with the intention of securing the long-term viability of local rail routes. It has three objectives:

  • To increase passenger use and revenue
  • To manage down costs
  • To involve the local community more in the development of their railway

Responsibility for Community Rail Development transfers to the Government (DfT Rail) from 21 August 2005.

Aiming at local involvement Edit

Over 50 lines lines throughout the UK (including the pilots) have been identified as possible Community Rail routes. Success will depend on partnership working. The strategy encourages local involvement in developing local railways through:

  • Community Rail Partnerships and Railway Development Companies
  • Innovative ways to attract more passengers using the resources already available
  • 'Adoption' of stations by local communities
  • Introduction of standards appropriate to the use of individual routes
  • Improved integration, including between local bus and rail services

Pilot lines Edit

The initial six pilot lines identified for designation were:

  • Watford Junction to St Albans Abbey (Abbey line)
  • Esk Valley (Middlesbrough-Whitby)
  • Looe Valley (Looe-Liskeard) and Tamar Valley (Plymouth-Gunnislake)
  • Grantham to Skegness
  • Penistone line (Huddersfield-Barnsley)
  • St Ives Bay line (St Ives- St Erth)

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