Community orchards are an initiative promoted by Common Ground the originators of Apple Day. They offer a way of saving vulnerable old orchards and opportunities to plant new ones, providing places for quiet contemplation or local festivities, a reservoir of local varieties of fruit and a refuge for wild life.


Macey's Meadow Community orchards, West Malling, Kent, April. Photo credit: Philralph

Community Orchards in the UK Edit

Community Orchards were promoted by *Common Ground (UK charity) in 1992.

There are now (September 2006) over 300 established, and many more are being developed. Community Orchards are places for growing local and other varieties of top fruit, for sharing horticultural skills, for recreation and encouraging wildlife.

Old orchards have been saved by being established as Community Orchards

Traditional and modern compared Edit

Traditional Orchards are orchards with tall ‘standard’, widely spaced trees, with about 150 trees per hectare, often under grazed by sheep or cattle, and extensively managed. Modern commercial orchards contain dwarf bush trees, with about 2200 trees per hectare, and are intensively managed. Every farm and large garden would have had its own orchard of mixed fruit trees that kept us in apples from July/August through Christmas to Easter.

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