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Open Government02:54

Open Government

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Getting back to Government Is Us. 27 March 2010
Getting back to Government Is Us05:50

Getting back to Government Is Us

Dan Mcquillan at mypublicservices, 26 November 2009, about 7 mins.
Dan Mcquillan at mypublicservices07:07

Dan Mcquillan at mypublicservices

Random facts Edit

  • Participatory budgeting, first developed in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 1988 to engage the urban poor in setting community-level budgets, had spread to some 200 - 250 municipalities in Brazil by 2006 and been adapted in cities worldwide. Source:Worldwatch Institute
  • Between 2000 and 2006, the total number of cities with participatory budgets grew from 200 to roughly 1,200. Source:Worldwatch Institute

Wanted pages and external links

  • Civic Commons Wiki, an effort to provide a permanent, sustainable organization to assist public agencies in the adoption of open systems and collaborative technologies, and to coordinate the co-creation of these technologies among agencies to ensure interoperability and shareability. Civic Commons will provide infrastructure, knowledge, and toolsets to government entities, and encourage the development of shared "civic software" and protocols, and supply optional technical infrastructure (such as data and project hosting) as needed.
  • Benchmark study data The state of open data from different perspectives, including that of the public / citizens
  • Introducing the Cycle of Transparency, Sunlight Foundation Blog, 03/10/10
  • Possibility Handbook: Ten Years of Imagination in Action, by Bliss Browne and Shilpa Jain, download (large) PDF file via Imagine Chicago
  • Making is Connecting - site about Making is Connecting project, with extracts, video, etc. David Gauntlett W

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