Government puts publicly available data at the heart of its localism agenda, Michael Grimes, 14 December [1] topic

Up2U winners, Ashton-under-Lyne, March 2010

Six steps to return power to the people, says government, 13 December [2]


Community involvement must go beyond land-use planning and support local people working to change their area for the better, Action for Market Towns, 7 December [3]

Up2U winners, Ashton-under-Lyne, March 2010

The time for open (local) government is now, Dominic Campbell, November 29 [4]


"...beware the rise of the geekocracy. If the application developers and data mashers become the favoured voices, a host of citizens could be left behind, unable to contribute to a discourse in a language they don’t speak." Julian Dobson, September 30 [5] topic

  • "At its broadest, non-discriminatory access to data means that any person can access the data at any time without having to identify him/herself or provide any justification for doing so." Sunlight Foundation, August 11 [7] topic
  • Big Society: foretelling the end of confrontational governing? Kevin Harris, 8 August [8]


New Local Government Network advocates putting citizens at the heart of the assessment process, July 21 [9]

"Co-production includes: planning, design, commissioning, financing, managing, delivery, monitoring and evaluation (stick ‘co-’ in from of all those)... We must acknowledge that those who get involved in co-production are not and do not need to be “representative” – and that’s fine" Tony Bovaird, Professor of Public Management and Policy, INLOGOV, University of Birmingham, Enchancing Local Democracy conference, organised by South East Employers, as reported by Dave Briggs [10]


"...putting the data out there of itself is not enough - it must be predicated on a model of engagement." Emer Coleman, London datastore. Local government data: lessons from London, 21 June [11]


The rise of citizen-run websites

"We see networks such as these as part of a fundamental shift towards conversational democracy," Kevin Harris, Networked Neighbourhoods, June 2010 [12] Edemocracy expert Andy Williamson from the Hansard Society thinks it is time that politicians sat up and took notice.


Do unto others: on the appropriation of citizen empowerment, Kevin Harris, 19 March [13] place

  • Open Philanthropy: A Modest Manifesto, Lucy Bernholz, 3/15/2010 [14] / forum
  • Crisis in policymaking for people and planet demands new approach to policymaking that gives citizens a greater say in decisions that affect them, 27/01/2010 [15] topic

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  • Business Plans for government departments that set out the work of the Government for the next four years published, 8 November [16] topic

Vixen Tor Devon County Council launches Devonomics website to support Local Economic Assessment and seeks views from from businesses, the public sector and the general public, 13/09/2010 [17] place

Southbank1 Government aims to replace bureaucratic accountability with democratic accountability, 13 August [18] "Local people, not Whitehall, will now be the audience for the assurances audit gives on local spending decisions."

Prime Minister talks of UK as "world leader in the new politics where..." the "...voice for feedback and deliberative decisions can transform the way we make local and national policies and decisions." 22 March [19] £30m to support the creation of an institute of web science headed by Sir Tim Berners Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt. "The web and the internet offers us a chance to reinvent “deliberative democracy” for the modern age. Digital government will help open the door to new ways of enabling people to influence and even decide public policy."

Peterborough launches Smarter City Project aiming to transform the city into the leading sustainable city in the UK, 16 Mar [20] Opportunity Peterborough, Peterborough City Council, IBM (NYSE: IBM), Royal Haskoning and Green Ventures announce a new collaboration. The collaboration has outlined plans to launch a Sustainable City Visualisation project, which will initially focus on building a new online platform to monitor and analyze data on Peterborough's energy, water, transport and waste systems. This data will be used to produce a real-time, integrated view of the city's environmental performance. Residents and city officials will be able to log on to the web portal and easily access the necessary information to make more informed decisions about resource usage. For example, the city will be able to make suggestions to improve home water and energy usage, while being able to work more effectively with the utilities to plan the long term energy and water infrastructure that is needed for a sustainable future. For the first time, utilities, government agencies and local businesses will be able to share information for a more comprehensive view of the city's ecosystem. This will enable the various agencies to streamline and make more effective, ecologically-minded decisions and strategies to maximize sustainability. The system will also allow Peterborough residents to provide feedback and offer suggestions for improvement. place

Citizens demand more opportunity to tackle social challenges, 23/02/2010. Eight out of ten people believe the government should allow communities to come up with their own solutions to difficult social challenges such as climate change, youth crime and obesity. New report from NESTA outlines radical framework for implementing localism. [21]

  • Digital Citizens want to engage with politicians - Passive democracy is not enough, Feb 10 [22]
  • 70% of respondents agree that the internet makes it easier for them to participate in civic and political activities
  • 49% agree that they would generally prefer to use the internet to participate in civic and political activities topic
  • Private Members Bill, which the Government says it backs, aims to strengthen the scrutiny powers of local authorities over all significant local public service spending in their areas. 1 February [23]
  • Government advocates 'community contracts' to improve local services, 4 January 2010 [24]

Community involvement UK news - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 & 2005 / Community involvement UK


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