• Government publishing 'empowerment action plan', October 19 [1] Measures announced include a new duty requiring local government to inform, consult and involve local people in local decisions, policies and services, from 1 April 2009 (subject to parliamentary approval), and a new website intended "to help people across the country influence Government decision-making."
  • Government failing fully to involve the British people in the fight to tackle Climate Change, say MPs. September 13 [2] topic
  • Local people to have greater say on spending, July 5 [3] [4] [5]
  • Councils urged to reap the benefits of handing assets to communities, May 15 [6]

Community involvement UK news - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 & 2005 / Community involvement UK


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  • "The question now is how do we re-establish rules of the game that make it fair, make it meaningful to provide real efficacy for people - that's where we need to be thinking now - not shall we do it, but how do we do it. For me that has to be about a contract between the public and politicians that sets out very clear standards of engagement." Professor Stephen Coleman, November 2007 [1]
  • Politicians are too terrified to devolve power to the people, The Guardian, November 14 [2]
  • Planning White Paper "legally unworkable" say barristers, October 23 [3] "I have concerns about a number of areas where the White Paper does not meet the requirements for public involvement or proper scrutiny laid down in law. The Government is leaving itself wide open to legal challenge unless it can address these concerns." Matthew Horton QC. topic
  • "Government must do more to help people take green action", FoE, August 24 [4]
  • Budget day is a time for trumpeting achievements, for dispensing (and taking) largesse, for bigging it up in the school playground sometimes known as the House of Commons - more

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