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  1. ScotRail, 18 October 2005

Comment 2006

  • New Start editorial November 22 2006 - For reasons I find hard to fathom, I found myself meandering through a department store at the weekend, and I was gobsmacked by the way you can hardly sell anything without a celebrity’s recommendation.
  • Living Streets statement on local government white paper, October 26
  • New Start editorial October 4 2006 - Working with other people can be frustrating. Just ask David Cameron what he really says about his party colleagues when he’s loading his dishwasher.
  • New Start editorial September 27 2006 - Last week Ruth Kelly gave us devolution to the doorstep. What my doorstep will do with its new powers is a question I’ve yet to get to grips with.
  • New Start editorial September 13 2006 - Another day, another investigation into some aspect of the regeneration game. This time it’s the turn of the Commission for Racial Equality to look at physical regeneration at its best and at its worst.
  • New Start editorial March 15 2006 - This week’s heartwarming story comes from Leeds, where fans of indie band Four Day Hombre have bought shares in a record label to get their first album out on the streets.
  • New Start editorial February 22 2006 - If ministers are looking for some new ideas to galvanise their urban policies, let’s hope they didn’t pop into Selfridges this week.

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