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  • Compact disputes between charities and local public bodies triple, December 5 [1] As Government is increasingly seeking to devolve power and decision making to a local level, the Compact Advocacy Programme has seen local cases overtake national cases, taking on 30 national cases in 2006/07 compared to 50 local. According to NCVO, while the programme's 2006/07 case report shows that charities are using the Compact in order to resolve disputes, it also shows worrying practice at a local level. Top local Compact breaches were ending funding without proper notice, not consulting organisations in a meaningful way and not involving charities in designing new programmes of work.
  • PM announces plans to "pay tribute to the people who represent the very best of Britain" every 24/7, July 24 [2]
  • Independence day report shows that local voluntary organisations are still not independent from Councils, June 29 [3]
  • Home Office is worst offender in list of broken agreements with charities, NCVO, March 28


  • Over one million volunteers have considered stopping volunteering through fear of legal action, according to new research published by Volunteering England, October 11
  • "Comprehensive programme of engagement* on local government reorganisation promised by Minister for Communities and Local Government, David Miliband - five County Dialogues to include representatives from a variety of groups including Public - Councils' User Groups and the Voluntary and Community Sector. ODPM, February 2

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