Neighbourhood Watch

Huge amount of 'under-the-radar' community activity goes on in UK, 19 Dec. “Research guesses put the number of under-the-radar groups at around 900,000.” Navca [1]

Camden Town 24 march 2006

Camden Cabinet agree a VCS investment package that cuts the red tape and puts the focus on achievements instead of bureaucracy. 24-Feb-2011 [2] place


Government expects Councils to reveal voluntary sector funding, 4 February [3] The government argues that making the data public can help highlight inefficiency and open new markets for local small businesses and voluntary groups by revealing how services are currently delivered so they can assess whether they could submit a credible bid to run them differently and deliver greater value for money.



Local economic partnerships failing to engage with civil society organisations - Capacitybuilders research, December 6 [4]

Community and voluntary action UK news - 2010 & 2011 - 2008 & 2009 - 2006 & 2007 / Community and voluntary action UK


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