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This Community Action 2020 (CA2020) workshop is being run by Chris Church of the Community Development Foundation (CDF), who are running it on behalf of Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK).

The workshop, specifically targeted at people working within local sustainability networks, who themselves are engaging or seeking to engage with local communities, is one of a series of events organised as part of the planning for CA2020. The workshops will feed into the development of an Action Plan at the end of 2005 and will look towards a launch across England in Spring 2006.

This page has been set up to create a space for

  • comment and questions before the workshop
  • contributions from others who are not able to attend
  • possible continued discussion or collaborative work after the workshop

The workshop will give an introduction to CA2020, its development process, and outputs - to include mentoring, good practice and training.

See also: Community Involvement via Community Action 2020, and Talk:Community Involvement via Community Action 2020 / Reference: Delivering sustainable development at community level on the government's sustainable development website.

Questions to be considered by the workshop Edit

(These questions are repeated on this article's talk page so that visitors to the wiki can comment there)

1. How can the CA2020 prgramme help the work of existing networks? - see also Networks and Networking

2. How can CA2020 help build skills, particularly in working with the wider voluntary and community sector (VCS)? - see also Community & voluntary action
One of the key aims of CA2020 is to engage with the wider VCS and to encourage the hundreds of thousands of groups within it to do more on the environment and sustainable development. One issue to be considered is how existing local sustainability networks can develop their own work in this area with support form CA2020.

3. Of the opportunities for involvement and ways forward, what should CA2020 prioritise?

The workshop will also enable networking amongst participants and consider feedback on proposals, and comments on these can also be included on this article's discussion page. Of course, anyone who has a place reserved for the event can take any comments from here to the workshop.

See discussion page for some very brief feedback from the meeting
See also Do our top sustainability organisations get active citizenship?
Report of the meeting - see CA2020 Development Workshop November 24 2005, Report
See also Towards a national meeting of local sustainability organisations and networks

Related topics Edit

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