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  • Social Capital and All the Good from Neighbor Connecting Online,, Written by Steven Clift, April 25, 2012


My Right Now

The City As A Social Platform [VIDEO], impressive presentation from Rachel Sterne, Chief Digital Officer for NYC, August 16 [1]



Why maps will become THE way we pool very local information. February 13th, 2010 [2]


  • Getting beyond hyperlocal, John Geraci, August 19 [3]

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  • People who use modern information and communication technologies have larger and more diverse social networks, Nov 4 [4]
  • Philippines: Helping flood victims through social media, September 28 [5] Social networking sites and services like Facebook and Twitter were also flooded with news accounts, reports, photos and videos of Ondoy's aftermath. The stream of information soon became a “hub” for coordinating rescue and relief efforts for those who had access to the internet.
  • Greece: Wildfires encroaching on Athens, citizens tracking developments via the web and Twitter, August 24 [6]

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