*"For sure, the days of neighbourhood online networks are not far off. Local nets will give you all this and better, more efficiently, less expensively, with genuine options for user-involvement and interaction - and by extension in my view, conversational democracy. But without the paper." Kevin Harris, May 5 2009

Action Ideas Edit

Img13714 Articles

Img13713 Wanted pages

Img13715 other ideas
  • Local sustainabiity picture libraries (online); share your pictures in this wiki (you need to be logged in to upload files - see Community Portal)
  • Community web sites
  • local or hyperlocal W Social network website, link to example

Why it matters Edit

(article needed, eg see news)

Village cinema UK Edit

Talk About Local - community empowerment, 28 April 2009, about 6 mins.
Talk About Local - community empowerment06:03

Talk About Local - community empowerment

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