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Rio 2016

Leaked document reveals Rio + 20 sustainable development goals, 10 January [1]

Rio + 20 must empower the grassroots, 8 December [2]

Limits of growth

Oil will decline shortly after 2015, says former oil expert of International Energy Agency, January 5 [3] topic

British Airways Boeing 747 contrail

How the European Program to Reduce Carbon Pollution From Aviation Works, Jake Schmidt, 1/5/12 [4] place, topic

Giardino Botanico - Fondazione Andre Heller - Gardone Riviera - pond - stepping stones

David Pencheon: Sustainability by stealth – 8 steps to heaven, 13 Dec [5] topic


Local CO2 Mapping Takes Off (With Your Help!), John Geraci, November 29 [6]

Please Stop Talking About Global Warming, John Geraci, November 17 [7] topic, topic

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  • Government figures: third runway would prevent expansion at regional airports, Campaign for Better Transport, January 28 [1] topic
  • UK Government ignores best option for Severn tidal power, say FoE, January 26 [2] topic
  • Use planning to deliver legacies of jobs and skills, urge All Party Urban Development Group, January 19 [3] topic
  • UK Bill of Rights must include right to a healthy environment, January 19 [4] The Joint Committee on Human Rights published a report in August 2008 which called for the right to a healthy and sustainable environment to be part of a new UK Bill of Rights. The Government response to this report is available via Friends of the Earth believes that everyone has the right to live in a healthy environment, and is campaigning for a new, strong environmental right in the UK that will enable ordinary people to hold decision makers to account for actions which harm the environment on which we all depend. The Ministry of Justice is shortly expected to publish a Green Paper on the Bill of Rights. topic
  • Vision and aspiration of Conservatives' low-carbon plan impresses FoE, "... many of their policies are spot on. But there are concerns about some of their plans, while others don't go far enough." January 16 [5] Friends of the Earth especially liked plans for a smart grid with ‘dynamic demand' innovations,and welcome proposals to allow high levels of renewable generation to be connected to it. But, say FoE, the Conservatives must immediately ditch their plan to clear the way for further expansion of the nuclear power industry topic
  • Heathrow third runway makes debate on 'new' aviation policy redundant, CPRE, January 15 [6] topic, topic
  • Heathrow: expansion will seriously threaten the UK's ability to tackle climate change, FoE, January 14 [7] topic, topic
  • More than 10,000 people from across the world have already signed up to be beneficial owners of land earmarked by the Government for Heathrow third runway, January 14 [8] Greenpeace executive director John Sauven comments: "This new runway cannot and will not be built. If it's a green light it will shred the last vestiges of Brown's environmental credibility. An expanded Heathrow would become the single biggest emitter of CO2 in Britain. Labour MPs will lose seats over this as the anti-runway movement grows and grows. We'll fight it every step of the way because the lives of millions of people depend on us all slashing carbon emissions." topic, topic
  • Third Heathrow runway risks being a white elephant, says ippr, January 11 [9] Environmental case against.. "is overwhelming", economic advantages "greatly overstated" topic, topic

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