Stepping Stones over the River Mole, Box Hill, Dorking

Local control is key to the sustainable use of forests. Locally controlled forestry is essential because local people generally value forests for more than cash alone, which gives them a reason to manage it sustainably and resist converting forests purely to satisfy distant consumer demands within the global economy. Duncan Macqueen, 22/12/2010 [1] topic

Panthera tigris tigris1

Creation by the UN of a new scientific body on biodiversity, the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), major step forward, says UK government. 4 December [2] “Biodiversity is important in its own right but it is also essential to maintaining the ecosystems on which we all depend. If biodiversity loss continues we risk destabilising ecosystems which may have serious implications for human well-being, especially in Developing Countries. This new platform will help to mobilise the world’s scientific community, and bring scientists and policy-makers together, to find solutions to these problems.” Defra Chief Scientific Advisor, Professor Bob Watson topic


Well in Mvunguti

Study reveals immense importance of ‘invisible’ water to urban poor, IIED, 12/11/2010 [3] topic



The great transition (beyond carbon), Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, October 8, 2010 [4] "The 21st century may well signify the end of industrial civilization as we know it — but it also points to the unprecedented opportunity to envision, and work toward, a far more equitable, sustainable and harmonious post-carbon civilization." topic

Nankai, Tianjin - HDR

Reader Report: Tianjin Eco-city Cleantech Focus, WorldChanging Team, 6 Oct [5] topic


Is social media catalysing an offline sharing economy? 10.05.10 [6] topic


Author Don Tapscott on the growing influence of public participation, 4 October [7] topic, topic

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