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  • Failure at such a grand level means we have to act locally, Lord Hunt, visiting professor at Delft University and a former director general of the UK Meteorological Office, 19 December [1] "Experience also shows that local actions can only be truly effective if measurements of climate and environment are widely publicised as well as information about targets, and projections of emissions. Such transparency is needed about what is happening, what is planned and how every individual can be involved..." topic, topic
  • "To be validated, knowledge must also be subject to the scrutiny of an extended community of citizens who have legitimate stakes in the significance of what is being claimed", Mike Hulme of UEA and Jerome Ravetz of Oxford Univeristy, 1 December [3] topic


  • "Transparency. Climate data needs to be publicly available and well documented. This includes metadata that explains how the data were treated and manipulated, what assumptions were made in assembling the data sets, and what data was omitted and why. This would seem to be an obvious and simple requirement, but the need for such transparency has only been voiced recently as the policy relevance of climate data has increased." Judy Curry, climate researcher, Nov 22 [4] topic, topic
  • We only have months, not years, to save civilisation from climate change. International agreements take too long, we need a swift mobilisation not seen since the second world war, Lester Brown, 3 November [5] topic
  • Bolivia: water shortages due to melting glaciers. The disappearance of glaciers in the Bolivian Andes Mountains is causing a concern because the future water shortages will affect the availability of suitable drinking water for a vulnerable migrant population. November 2 [6]


  • Transition towns or Bright Green Cities? Article looking at "The Dark Side of Transition Thinking" and "What We Need Instead: Bright Green Citizens", Alex Steffen, 27 Oct [7]
  • Greater resources needed to ensure comprehensive and accurate reporting of greenhouse gas emissions data in developing countries, say environmental regulators, 22 October [8] topic, topic
  • How long is your city's tail? by John Geraci, October 7 [11] topic, topic

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