Indonesia to stop handing out permits for companies to chop down rainforests and drain peatlands for two years, but deal does not protect millions of hectares of rainforest, Greenpeace, 27 May [1] topic


Flag of the United Nations.svg

Revive the spirit of Rio, Maurice Strong and Felix Dodds, 27 April [2] topic / Might be easier if relevant websites pointed to fully open AND transparent forum? Philralph @sca21 17:21, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

Arrorró, mi niño...

The concept of “Living Well” - a Bolivian viewpoint, Bolivia delegation at the UN, Apr 20 [3] topic

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First UN Climate Conference of 2010 marred by a complete lack of required sense of urgency, Greenpeace, 11 April [4] topic


001 Ethiopia

"Gibe III dam will be a disaster of cataclysmic proportions for the tribes of the Omo valley", Survival, March 23 place, place


Peak oil: "It’s critically important that reserves have been overstated, and if you take this into account, we’re talking supply not meeting demand in 2014-2015.” Sir David King, the UK Government’s former chief scientist, March 22 [5]

800px-Khimki 01

The Battle for Khimki Forest, Yevgenia Chirikova, 17 March [6] “The plan to construct a section of the new Moscow-St.Petersburg motorway through the legally-protected Khimki Forest Park will destroy a rare eco-system. Dogged local resistance has turned this into a national, even international issue. But it has not derailed the plan.” topic, place

Phat Wad, Break me off some

The Wrong Kind of Green, 04 March [7] How America's green groups shockingly sold out the environment. place

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