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  • Converting arable land to pure fuel production a "crime against humanity", says United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, October 26 [1] topic, topic
  • New UN Report points to international emergency - an "important call for global political leadership in a fast degrading World", FoE, October 25 [2] topic
  • Cod stocks begin to recover - politicians need to act with the greatest possible caution on this new advice, say Greenpeace, Ocotber 16 [3] topic, place, topic
  • The only way to save the rainforest is to save the Indians, by recognising their land rights, says Brazilian shaman. October 10 [4] " want to buy pieces of rainforest, or to plant biofuels. These are useless. The forest cannot be bought; it is our life and we have always protected it. Without the forest, there is only sickness, and without us, it is dead land. The time has come for you to start listening to us. Give us back our lands and our health before it’s too late for us and too late for you." Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, winner of the UN Global 500 award, who is traveling to London and Germany, to launch a report by Survival about the crisis in indigenous peoples’ health. Research from Survival shows that more than 162 million hectares of the Amazon rainforest - over 15,000 times more rainforest than is involved in the Cool Earth scheme - have already been secured – through their protection as indigenous territories. Research by Brazilian and USA scientists shows that the most effective way to stop logging in the Amazon is to protect Indian lands, which occupy one fifth of the Brazilian Amazon. But the lands of many tribes remain unprotected. topic


  • Greenpeace on shrinking Arctic sea ice, September 21 - [5] "The canary in the coal mine is singing very loudly now. At this rate we could see the end of summer sea ice in our lifetimes. It's well known that the loss of ice at the North pole means the Earth absorbs more heat from the sun, instead of reflecting it, and that means even more warming. And yet the world's greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. When will politicians, like our own Gordon Brown, realise this is a planetary emergency and react accordingly? As it is Britain is on the cusp on building new runways and new coal-fired power stations. It’s almost unbelievable." John Sauven. topic, Polar ice packs


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