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  • Majesty, We Have Gone Mad, An open letter to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, George Monbiot, May 27 [2] topic


  • "We're going to look at every place that a reader or a listener or a viewer or a user has been locked out, has been served up passive or a fixed or a canned experience, and ask ourselves, "If we carve out a little bit of the cognitive surplus and deploy it here, could we make a good thing happen?" And I'm betting the answer is yes." Clay Shirky at a Web 2.0 conference, April 23, 2008. / Inspiring Quotes 2, topic
  • IAASTD report recommends small-scale farmers and agro-ecological methods are the way forward if the current food crisis is to be solved and to meet the needs of local communities, declaring indigenous and local knowledge play as important a role as formal science, Greenpeace International, April 15 [4] topic
  • Civil society groups from around the world concerned that World Bank climate investment funds will be used for carbon offsetting schemes including industrial-scale tree plantations, coal projects and other polluting, energy-intensive industries and could undermine international efforts to tackle climate change, April 11 [5] topic

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