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This article looks at the actions local councils are taking in response to climate change, (as of July - September 2005) and in particular what information they provide for the ordinary concerned citizen. The scope of this enquiry has been limited to council websites. This article is one of a series - one article for each region of England.

An initial survey was carried out during July - September 2005, with the results included in the initial versions of this article. Please note that contributors are welcome to add information at any time. This means that different parts of the article may be up-to-date to a greater or lesser extent, but all will be at least as recent as the initial survey.

Websites for all councils in the region have been looked at during the initial survey (with the exception of any - no more than one or two - unavailable at the times of searches - see Notes on method below), though in most cases only 'postive' results (some information found) have been recorded.

Monitoring change
Results of the initial survey could be compared with results from a similar comprehensive (England-wide) and systematic survey in about a year's time to give a broad indication of how the overall picture is changing.

The overall picture Edit

Of the websites for the 54 local councils in this region, 10 (19%) are listed as having some information which ordinary concerned citizens might easily find, (with a further 8 containing small related items of information). Where some information is given it may not always appear to be very up-to-date. In some cases information given may not always be very revealing to the ordinary concerned citizen, for example reporting on actual current and relevant work, or perhaps the results of previous work done though partnerships.

Bedfordshire Edit

  • Luton Borough Council - (News item - backing for government Bill on Microgeneration)

Cambridgeshire Edit

Essex Edit

  • Essex County Council - Climate change webpage Information appears to relate to 2003.
  • Rochford District Council - (brief mention of climate change on Energy Efficiency webpage)
  • Tendring District Council - Local Agenda 21 webpage links to factsheet on Energy Conservation and Climate Change, but no obvious indication if this is up-to-date information

Hertfordshire Edit

  • Dacorum Borough Council - Fuel and climate change Environment news 2001
  • East Hertfordshire District Council - (climate change mentioned in press releases to do with energy efficiency)
  • Hertfordshire County Council - Environment Department Annual Report 2003/2004 reports work during 2003/4 with the rest of the East of England region on a climate change study. (Also Schools and learning - Propety matters webpage on climate change)
  • Hertsmere Borough Council - (climate change mentioned in media releases to do with energy efficiency)
  • St Albans District Council - (climate change mentioned in news releases to do with energy efficiency)

Norfolk Edit

Suffolk Edit

Notes on method Edit

(Initial survey) A simple search for 'climate change' was carried out on each local council website. Links identified were restricted to web pages specifically about climate change or evidence of climate change strategies, that could reasonably easily be found by ordinary concerned citizens. PDF and word processor documents have not been included unless these can be accessed from a dedicated climate change page, or another easily found page. Information that appears to be more than 6 months old may not be recorded unless it suggests some current or ongoing activity. One or two websites may have been temporarily unavailable at the time of a search, in which case no information has been recorded. If no search facility could be found, or did not appear to be working properly at the times of searches, no information was recorded.

Reference Local councils in the East of England, Directgov

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