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"Because it matters that people take personal responsibility themselves, we want all individuals and all businesses to join us and build a shared national purpose to make Britain a world leader in tackling climate change." Gordon Brown, June 24 2007 / Inspiring Quotes 5

  • Committee on Climate Change challenges Government to cut transport carbon emissions, Campaign for Better Transport , December 1 [1] topic, topic
  • Transport emissions can be cut by a quarter by 2020, CBT, November 24 [2]
  • Victory for people power in the fight against climate change, FoE, October 28 [3] Village cinema
  • Hugely encouraging first move from the new Climate Change secretary, Greenpeace, October 16 [5]
  • Government green light to 10 million extra passengers at Stansted airport condemned, FoE, October 9 [6] topic, place. The Government has also announced a public Inquiry into plans to build a second runway at Stansted.
  • Government backing to expansion of Stansted Airport in clear contrast to tougher targets to cut climate-trashing emissions, Greenpeace, October 9 [7] topic, place
  • Soil Association welcomes Climate Change Committee report, October 7 [8] topic
  • New advice by the Independent Climate Change Commission that Britain should adopt an 80 per cent emissions reduction target by 2050, "...should sound the death knell for new coal-fired power stations and Heathrow's proposed third runway." Greenpeace, October 7 [9]
  • UK 'needs tougher climate target' , Committee on Climate Change, Ocotber 7 [10] The committee's advice, which includes that cuts must come from all sectors of the economy - including international aviation and shipping emissions too, is "fantastic news", FoE [11]

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  • Committee on Climate Change recommends a minimum 34% cut in GHG emissions by 2020, November 30 [12]
  • Climate laws to include planes, October 28 [13]
  • Scotland will be at the forefront of global action on climate change, according to Finance Secretary John Swinney who has set out the key components of the Scottish Climate Change Bill, October 27 [14] Mr Swinney said that by including international aviation and shipping, emissions from all six greenhouse gases, and annual targets, Scotland will have the most ambitious Bill to tackle climate change anywhere in the world.
  • Government increases climate emissions target to 80 per cent - as Miliband backs financial incentives for small-scale renewable energy, October 16 [15] topic
  • New Department of Energy and Climate Change announced, bringing together "...much of Defra’s existing climate change responsibilities with the energy component from BERR, to focus on solving the challenges of climate change and energy supply." October 3 [16]

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