• "To even consider building new runways and coal-fired power stations at this juncture in history (CO2 levels now at 387 parts per million) is an unpardonable folly, but Gordon Brown seems determined to stumble forward regardless with his ill-conceived plans in the face of the science and widespread public opposition." Greenpeace, May 12 [1]

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  • Prince of Wales’s UK corporate leaders group on climate change calls for cross-party effort to deliver a low carbon economy, “Decisive action will stimulate economic activity and job creation”, September 19 [2]
  • Mayor launches London’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy to prepare London for climate change, August 28 [4] The strategy proposes ‘greening’ the city by improving and increasing London’s greenspaces to keep the city cool in summer, managing flood risk coming from the tributaries to the Thames and surface water flooding from heavy rainfall, encouraging Londoners to use less water and raising public awareness to flood risk. The Mayor’s intention is to publish the public consultation draft of the London Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in 2009. place
  • UK in 'delusion' over emissions, July 31 [6] The UK has been living under a delusion over its claim to be cutting greenhouse gases, according to two reports.
  • Carbon emissions from state schools to be included in carbon trading scheme for local authorities from April 2010, July 16 [8] topic
  • Government departments making poor progress on cutting carbon say MPs, July 14 [9]
  • Mayor quashes £25 congestion fee hike. London Mayor Boris Johnson quashes the proposed rise in congestion charge for vehicles deemed high polluters, July 7 [10]
  • Mayor announces development of ten high-technology 'Low Carbon Zones' across London by 2012 to help to meet the Mayor’s manifesto commitment to make London a low carbon city with a target to slash carbon emissions by 60 per cent by 2025, July 3. [11]
  • Communities and Local Government publish local priorities website, June 30 [12] Top 20 priorities across England: in fifth place - 100 out of 150 local areas choosing this - Per capita reduction in CO2 emissions in the LA area; in 12th place - 85 out of 150 local areas choosing this - per cent of people who feel they can influence decisions in their locality. topic

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