• "The government is getting distracted producing web gimmicks when it should be focused on delivering results," Greenpeace comment on David Milliband's carbon calculator, Greenpeace, June 20

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June 2007 Edit

May 2007 Edit

  • London to gain from $5bn Climate Initiative to make cities' buildings cleaner and greener. GLA, May 16
  • Defra conducts "deliberative public engagement" exercise on climate change. The event is described by Defra, (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) as involving "a representative sample of 150 people... recruited from six locations around the country (London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle and Nottingham)." Prior to the event, described by Defra as a "summit", "...participants took part in regional workshops where they discussed issues around climate change." Defra, May 12

April 2007 Edit

Bangkok skytrain sunset
  • Climate change is happening now - world needs to respond urgently, Defra, April 6. Climate Change Minister Ian Pearson promises a 'Citizens Summit' that "will engage directly with the public on this important issue."

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  1. Transport 2000, June 21

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