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The Climate Challenge Fund was launched on January 26, 2006. It is part of Defra's (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) Climate Change Communications Initiative - designed to increase awareness among the general public of the need to tackle climate change.

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On Friday, June 16 2006, Defra announced information about winners - 53 projects from across England. Defra received more than 500 applications from across England totalling nearly £60m worth of bids.

Projects that will receive funding totalling £4.6 million from Defra will include the Scouts, who will be encouraging members to ‘Be Prepared for the Future', whilst the Women's Institute will develop EcoTeams to help bring home the realities of climate change.

Other winners include

  • National Trust - Climate Change Here & Now will tour a photographic exhibition across England and will reach National Trust members and visitors as well as arts and schools audiences.
  • WMnet: West Midlands Regional Broadband Consortium - Groups of young people from all over England, will work together, both in and out of school, to build up a shared knowledge about climate change. This will be done through technologies that support peer to peer communication such as video-conferencing, wikis, chats, blogs and texting.

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Information about the Fund, including a map depicting the location and basic outline of funded projects, is available via

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