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CANN - Climate Action Network Nottinghamshire - is a coalition of local environment and development groups, faith groups, humanitarian organisations, women's groups, trade unions and others, who are working together to achieve more effective action on climate change.

CANN was launched on July 1 2006, by the Robin Hood statue outside Nottingham Castle.

CANN is an independent body that is not aligned with political parties, corporate bodies or local government.

Members Edit

Members of CANN include

  • East Midlands Friends of the Earth
  • Nottingham Friends of the Earth
  • West Notts Friends of the Earth
  • Notts CND
  • Notts Transport2000
  • Food Initiatives Group
  • Hockerton Housing Project
  • Nottingham Eco Home
  • Camp for Climate Action
  • No M1 Widening Nottinghamshire
  • Global Action plan
  • Nottingham Clown Rebel Army
  • World Development Movement
  • Tearfund

The CANN launch was also supported by

  • The Greater Nottingham Co-operative Group
  • Christian Aid
  • Nottinghamshire Civic Society
  • Diocese of Southwell
  • RSPB Nottinghamshire
  • Oxfam
  • WWF
  • People and Planet
  • Nottingham Student Peace Movement

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