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"The global city is not London, New York, Tokyo or Jo'berg -- it is the part of each which is connected to an analogous part in each of the others.The global city is a distributed phenomenon. There is only one global city, and it floats on top of the others like lace." Manuel Castells / Inspiring Quotes

Welcome to SCA's Cityscape Edit


Millennium Bridge, London, March

- a sort of guide to SCA wiki (City) landmarks (as if the wiki were a city, Wikia were orginally called Wikicities)
See Also Wikia analogies

City gates - Main Page, Tourist Information - this page

Central Square, Information, Tourist Info, Volunteer Bureau - Community Portal - Check out all the things you can do
Town meeting, Speakers Corner - Community Portal Talk Page

Village Green Read about and contribute to development plans for our wiki

Village pump the nitty gritty of suggested improvements to SCA Wiki

Village cinema View some videos about sustainability type topics

SCA Eye - new images gallery

Library - Sustpedia

Tourist guide - Help:Getting around

Grand central railway station - WikiNode

Station cafe - WikiNode talk page

Community - Greensmiley2 Hi! - Members - Img13713 Help out - Village pump - Forum - 45px-Chess l45.svg Poll - Quick Notes - Img13714 Help

SCA Wiki - Places, projects & networks - Ideas Bank - News - Diary - Resources - Community / Avoid adverts

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