The fields surrounding the Italian town of Borgo Val di Taro, Parma. Photo credit: J.P.Lon

Cittaslow, (literally Slow City in English) is a movement founded in Italy in October of 1999. The inspiration of Cittaslow was the Slow Food organization; Cittaslow's goals include improving quality of life in towns while resisting the homogenization and Americanization of cities, where standardized franchise stores dominate. Celebrating and supporting diversity of culture and the specialities of a town and its hinterland are core Cittaslow values.

Cittaslow is part of a cultural trend known as the Slow movement.

Cittaslow is expanding outside Italy. As at January 1 2006, national Cittaslow networks exist in Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom; towns and cities in other countries are working towards Cittaslow accreditation.

Membership Edit

Like Slow Food, Cittaslow is a membership organisation. Full membership of Cittaslow is only open to towns with a population under 50,000. To become eligible for membership, a town must normally score at least 50 percent in a self-assessment process against the set of Cittaslow Goals, and then apply for admission to the appropriate Cittaslow national network. An annual membership fee is payable by towns.

Another category of Cittaslow membership, that of Cittaslow Supporter, was agreed during 2005 and is open to public bodies, businesses and towns that support the Cittaslow aims and goals but that are not eligible to become Cittaslow in their own right.

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