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November 3 2005 Edit

Information about the Environment Agency's 'Environment 2005, Deeper, wider, greener - environment 2005' conference, 22 - 23 November 2005 is available via their website

Sample letter Edit

If you are concerned about the cost of this conference you might like to consider sending an email to the Environment Agency (suggested email address as at the bottom right of the page from the above link - enquiries(etc) based on the following:

Dear Sir / Madam

I've recently come across information about the draft programme for the EA conference "Deeper, wider, greener".

Despite the conference motion "that protecting and improving the environment can only happen by empowering change at the most local level", the cost for a single day is too high for myself or most local voluntary or community sector campaigners to attend.

The conference's title suggests correctly that environmental change must take place across the whole of society. This means reaching out to all to ensure the whole of society understands that we all need to act urgently.

The motion may well be passed, but it is the wrong motion. Perhaps it should be "Is there a real commitment by those in power to protect the environment by providing enough finance and the right messages to empower real change at the most local level?"

I look forward to your reply.


(your name)


Personalise Edit

It's a good idea to personalise such emails as much as possible.

For example if you agree that the conference should be affordable but can afford it yourself simply take out the words "myself or" from the second para.

Of course if you're going to the conference and agree with the principle of the email you might like to raise the point at the conference.

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