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This page gives an overview of UK campaigns, including campaigns by topic from within the pages of the Ideas Bank. Short, time-limited campaigns can be included in Diary pages.

Please do not include in this listing more general 'initiatives' or links to websites only partially about campaigns - although of course these might be appropriate for topic pages within the Ideas Bank

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Against Coal

Against incineration

Against Poverty




Climate change

Community involvement UK

  • Mash the State Grassroots campaign to encourage UK government and public sector organisations to make their data available to the general public. Challenge 1: Councils: Give us an RSS news feed by Christmas 2009. Only 15% of UK local councils have RSS feeds.

Environment quality

Food UK

Local needs met locally, UK

Light bulbs

Open spaces

Peak oil & energy awareness

  • Campaigning to raise awareness of Peak Oil and its impacts on our sustainability
  • PowerSwitch

Reduce, reuse, repair & recycle

Reduced dependence on cars UK

Rewarding work

Spatial planning UK

  • Planning Disaster, launched January 2007, in response to concerns that proposed changes to the planning system will reduce public involvement in decisions about the development of their communities.

Sustainable energy

Sustainability indicators

Sustainability networks UK

Towards a sustainable Olympics 2012

  • - Support website for Manor Gardening Society Allotments in Hackney Wick, whose future (as of February 2007) is in jeopardy due to pending eviction from the current site. The allotments have ended up in the middle of the planned Olympic Park. Sign lifeisland's Petition to Downing Street

Trees, woodland and forest UK news 2009

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Campaigns Img13714 Portal / UK - A-Z / USA - Europe - New Zealand


  1. Woodland Trust Scotland, September 30, 2009

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