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7 May 2005 I've not been promoting this as I understood it was not what the people at Pledgebank were looking for (the pledge bank site is still in the testing stage). However the pledge seems to have been retained and people have been signing up to it (9 so far, 91 more needed). So please sign it if you can and see if you can get others to sign it, but please do not advertise it through mainstream media such as press etc. so's we don't upset anyone at pledge bank. Thanks Philralph 16:50, 7 May 2005 (UTC)

Earlier Edit

Thought I'd try out Pledge Bank, built by mySociety

My pledge reads:

"If 100 other local people will too, then I will write to my local authority asking them what they are doing about climate change, before 'Blue Nose Day' (June 10, 2005) see Phil Green

Pledge for free at

This pledge closes 5 June 2005 Thanks"

Please support this if you can (For some reason it came out as 'local people' though it's intended for anyone anywhere, also they've a 100 limit on at the moment, although say get in touch re larger numbers)

I thought also I'd draft out a sample letter (although if anyone gets there before me that's fine!)

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