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Problem Edit

Global warming

Idea: Blue Nose Day Edit

Similar to the UK's Red Nose Day, and proposal for a Green Nose Day, but a little different - to be a people's movement in support of action over Global Warming.

Blue Nose Day would not be only about fundraising, although this could be a element of it. It's main purpose would be for ordinary citizens to show support for action against climate change - that they are taking action themselves and that they are keen for their elected representatives to take action. Rather than being just 'against' something, people would be encouraged also to be 'for' a postive vision of a low-carbon economy and world and the transition towards it.
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When and What Edit

The day would be the first Friday after World Environment Day, so in the case of 2005, June 10.

The people most encouraged to wear Blue noses on the day would be politicians. Wearing a blue Nose would signal acceptance of the challenge, a willingness to report back to the public on action being taken, and a commitment to avoid 'greenwash'.

Ordinary people would be encouraged to wear a simple blue design (see examples below, or even something simpler - just a blue dot, for example) on the days running up to Blue Nose Day, and lobby local decision makers to explain what action is being taken over global warming. Blue nose day sample letter

Special note: This site is not advocating any kind of destruction or vandalism of property, or anything else illegal. Never use glue or tape to attach designs to other peoples' property.

Community groups and civil society could organise either fundraising events or awareness raising events. Ordinary people could take part in the day simply by wearing a blue design and so not be excluded if, for example they cannot afford any donations or are not comfortable with fundraising.

The focus is on action not money.

There could also be a 'virtual' or electronic element - people encouraged, in the run up to Blue Nose Day, to add blue dots to emails or perhaps e-card versions of something simple like the sticker designs, plus the usual website, etc.


Blue Nose Day example design

Why a Blue Nose Day? Edit

Climate Change can seem either very scary or a very weighty issue or something people are indifferent to. The idea is to build on the tradition of using humour to encourage people to address serious challenges.


Blue Nose Day example design 2

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