The Biofuels & Cooperatives Action Research Team will learn about various biofuels, and how they offer themselves as alternatives to the disjunct, corrupt transportation system pervading and decaying our culture today. We’re brewing our own fuel, baby! In a backyard, home-made! Students will help build a biodiesel processor, brew biodiesel and finally host the 2nd annual Biofuels Conference & Car Show: a wacky weekend with all kinds of biofuels fanatics exchanging information and showcasing their sweet eco-friendly rides. We will be getting to know about other biofuel cooperatives, and working towards the further establishment of the Santa Cruz Biofuels Cooperative on the UCSC campus. Guest lectures and workshops have been incorporated into the curriculum to provide a well-rounded, hands-on approach to learning about biofuels, and to empower students to make a tangible change in their lives and on the UCSC campus

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