Photo credit: Keith Hulbert and Paul Zarucki

  • free and can be downloaded from Natural England, conservation guides which provide a visual showcase of how different conservation techniques can support a wide variety of plants, animals and insects. February 2011
  • Field Guide to the Bumblebees of Great Britain and Ireland, October 2009
  • Hedgerow Handbook, Defra

Random facts Edit

  • Recorders’ observations confirmed last year that ladybirds and butterflies are waking up three weeks earlier compared to 30 years ago, swifts arrive around a week earlier and one species of bumblebee is active now all the year round. The hawthorn, which is also known as the Mayflower and traditionally linked to late spring, is often spotted flowering in March - all as a result of climate change. Source: The Woodland Trust, January 2007
  • The UK’s bluebell woodlands represent 20 per cent of bluebells worldwide. Wildlife trusts

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