• Suffolk coastal sites to be assessed for possible release of white-tailed eagles, September 24 [1] place
  • 400 rare lizards released into wild as part of ‘rescue operation’ for UK’s reptiles and amphibians, September 3 [2]
  • Nearly 20% of the UK's honey bees died last winter, August 24 [3]
  • First beavers to live in Scotland for over 400 years released into the wild, May 29 [4]
  • International rescue to re-introduce endangered bumblebee to England, June 1 [5]
  • Natural England and the People’s Trust for Endangered Species assess feasibility of returning beavers to England, March 18 [6]
  • Government publishes plan to protect and improve the health of honey bees in England and Wales, March 9 [7] Defra say the last two years have seen recorded losses of between 10 to 15 per cent in bee numbers although it is possible that real losses are significantly higher due to the number of beekeepers not in contact with the National Bee Unit.
  • Bugs, snails and starfish to be protected. A new vision for the conservation of thousands of Scotland's animal species has been set out, January 20 [8] Invertebrates, such as insects and shellfish, make up around 98 per cent of Scotland's animal species and a new strategy will aim to ensure they are valued and conserved for future generations. Invertebrates (animals without backbones) play a key role in a healthy environment and economy, but are currently in jeopardy from habitat destruction, over-exploitation, pollution and other threats. The strategy, produced by the Initiative for Scottish Invertebrates, explains how 98 per cent of Scotland's animals can be saved by harnessing the expertise of hundreds of volunteers to ensure that threatened habitats, sites and species are identified and conserved.

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